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Surf Flags

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Publiplas International Creates Custom Gear and Equipment to Promote Your Brand Welcome to Publiplas International, where innovation meets brand elevation. We specialize in crafting custom gear and equipment to amplify your brand’s presence. Introducing the Surf Bowflag, a dynamic visual tool that makes an instant impact while maintaining constant image visibility.

Visual Brilliance for Every Occasion in our Surf Flags

Experience the versatility of our Surf Bowflags, also known as Surf Flags. These banners redefine event branding, whether it’s a festival, sporting event, grand opening, POP retail signage, race track, hotel, restaurant, or car dealership. The Surf Flags bring vibrancy to both indoor and outdoor settings.

Craftsmanship Beyond Ordinary Precision is the hallmark of our Bowflags’ hardware. Images stay visible under all wind conditions, ensuring your brand message shines bright. The flags are crafted from knitted polyester, excellent for printing and highly resistant to tearing. A precision aluminum and fiberglass frame provides the ideal base for these flags.

Choose Your Impact Select the size that best fits your event needs:

  • Small: 8′.2″ x 2′.1″
  • Medium: 11′.2″ x 2.2″
  • Large: 15′.4″ x 2′.7″

Elevate your event branding with our Surf Flags, an embodiment of innovation and visibility. Crafted in the Dominican Republic by Publiplas International.


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